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Conservative Views of California Politics

Rep. Michelle Bachmann And Governor Pawlenty: A Fight For The Right

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The Great Tea Battle of The Great White North


Michelle Bachmann Is The Real Deal

It is no secret that I detest Tim Pawlenty.  This is the only man who could convincingly play Keanu Reeves in a biopic based around the movie stars life in the early 90′s.  That, and he raised taxes in Minnesota as Governor, wussed out during the Republican debate in New Hampshire, and is an all around boring loser.  Honestly, I’d check his birth certificate to see if he was born in Canada.

Michele Bachmann, on the other hand, is the best and only hope for the Tea Party, the Republican Party, and the United States in general.  If Sarah Palin is momma grizzly, than Michelle Bachmann is queen Polar Bear.  She’s a 5 and a half foot conservative juggernaut; shes attacks tax raising bills with more ferociousness than a Great White shark in a seal rookery.

Because of this dichotomy, it amuses me that there are even stories permeating the media about a fight between these two.  This isn’t even a contest.  So maybe they come from the same state, Minnesota, but who cares?  Bachmann has Iowa in the bag.  Pawlenty can shuffle around the mid-west all he pleases, but the only chance he has is to try and take the north-east from Romney.  Unless he can afford $10,000 worth of hair gel, that dreams about as realistic as him taking California.

The man needs to drop it.

In fact, I’d like to declare Bachmann the candidate now so the rest of these RINO’s will stop wasting my time.  She has ALWAYS been anti-tax, she has ALWAYS reflected conservative values, and she will NEVER kowtow to liberal posturing.

Tim Pawlenty Is A Chicken

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Tim Pawlenty Pigs and Chicks


Watching the Republican debate, one could almost see Gov. Pawlenty’s lower lip quiver when John King called him out on his Obamnycare remark.  I honestly thought he might cry a little.  Yesterday though, while talking to big boy Sean Hannity, Pawlenty said,

I don’t think you can prosecute the political case against President Obama if you are co-conspirator and one of the main charges against the president on the political level. And so, it really puts our nominee, if that who it turns out to be in a very difficult spot.

Maybe he can’t man up to Romney in person because he has a weak chin (seriously, just look at it).  At the same time, a Republican President can’t champion American causes around the world if he pees his pants a little whenever confrontation arises.

Reagan would have said, “Hell yes I said it! He’s got to answer to the American people, and he’s gotta answer to these” while holding up his fists.  And then he would have thrown down the mic and punched Slick Mitt right in his grinning, liberal face.

I’m still holding out hope for that candidate.

Actually, I could see Bachmann doing something like that.  That’s why shes got my vote.



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